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Chayse Your Change employ our leadership skills to guide organisations to affect positive change and uphold their duty of care to their workforce and clients. We achieve this through our Mentoring and coaching Programme for organisations. It is independent and objective support offered to organisations that will work towards developing strategies that promote healthy efficient and effective services.

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Organisations within the health and social care field are often subject to an abundance of change which at times can be faced with resistance. Such change may affect an organisations values and purpose, service delivery, workforce and clients and funding. The techniques utilised to implemented change can determine its success or challenge, as well as its efficiency and effectiveness.

An organisational change may result in increased funding, improved opportunities and promotion for staff or wider access to services for the client group. On the other hand, an organisation may experience change that results in a restructure, decrease in funding, a team experiencing low morale, high levels of sickness or issues with staff retention.

Our expertise allows us to support the nurturing and development of healthy and thriving organisations that grow, retain a highly skilled workforce and sensitively manage conflict. 

We can offer an individualised or bespoke short-term or long-term package which can also be adapted and made fun and interactive for organisation away days.

Our programme is confidential, discreet, and independent and can be accessed from your office or home, in person or online.

A safe and healthy organisation should always be a pivotal goal for services within the field of health and social care and health.

This is where Chayse Your Change can step in and take your organisation from surviving to thriving. We operate from a non-judgmental stance that is open, honest and committed to transparency and results.

Our Approach Org

What you will get:  Our Organisation Mentoring and Coaching Framework

A trusting relationship- We build an independent, reliable, trusting and consistent relationship with our organisation mentee and guide their journey. The foundation of the relationship will be open, honest, transparent and realistic. Most importantly the needs and desires of the organisation will remain at the centre of the relationship

Identify – We work collaboratively with organisations to identify the change required

Who Are We? We explore the organisation, its history, purpose and future plans. Then we assess the change required, its need and the risk attached to it. We work collaboratively with the organisation to think about what has worked well and what hasn’t worked so well. We lead organisations to become more self-aware, observant of the impact their services have on staff and clients and support it to understand its skill set and opportunities. Chayse Your Change apply a psychological-informed perspective and observe organisations qualities and think about the patterns of organisational behaviours, actions and responses

Reflection – The opportunity to engage in critical reflective skills for effective practice, improved perspective, explore the success and resistance for change and the commitment the organisation upholds for the workforce

Vision and Growth – We will explore the organisations current and future position, desires and threats. Then work on developing strategies that will affect positive change, promote the health, resilience, and longevity of an organisation and increase its visibility and attractiveness to the workforce, client and funders

Goals and Planning – We engage with organisations to set realistic goals, plan how they will be achieved and support them to navigate through the obstacles along the way. Our independent stance is valuable to goal setting as we offer an objective perspective. A comprehensive document is then devised detailing our opinion of what may be challenging the change. It will report on the changes recommended and the strategies and timescales to achieve them. A bespoke training plan including courses and workshops for staff will also be offered to further embed the change.

Evaluation – We will review your plan and evaluate your achievements and challenges.