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Mentoring and Coaching for Groups

Chayse Your Change offer a group Mentoring and Coaching Programme which is designed to lead professionals to stretch their personal and professional capabilities and capacity whilst creating a network.

In the bustling health and social care field, the psychological impact of the work can often be misunderstood and uncontained. Also, the commitment to professional and personal growth can be stagnated, suspended, or take less priority over the task or the outcome of services.

Mentoring and Coaching for groups

As experts in the field of health and social care, Chayse Your Change recognises the benefits that professionals, practitioners and trainees can acquire when they engage in groupwork.

These include improved communication and positive interactions with others, the learning of new skills and knowledge, engagement with like-minded people and increased self-development and peer support. Group participants will learn from others, feel empowered by peers, gain and give support and experience positive change that will see progression within their career and/or personal life.

Chayse Your Change believe in the importance of setting aside independent time to utilise the power of groupwork and conveys this to individuals, groups and organisations.

Whether this is away from the workplace or with others from the same or different service or discipline.  We can offer an individualised or bespoke short-term or long-term package. This can consist of your own formed group or access to a Chayse Your Change group.  Our programme is confidential, discreet, and independent and can be accessed from your office or home, in person or online.

Our Approach Groups

What you will get:  Our Group Mentoring and Coaching Framework

Group Membership – The ability to become a group member and engage with like-minded people from the field of health and social care

A trusting relationship- Build an independent, reliable, trusting and consistent relationship with your group mentor who will guide you on your journey. They will be open, honest, transparent and realistic. Most importantly your needs and desires will be kept at the centre of the relationship

Who Am I? Learn all about you! Your mentor will lead you and the other group members to become more self-aware, supporting you to explore your knowledge, skills and experience. Also, from a psychological perspective they will observe your qualities and think about the patterns of your behaviours, actions and responses.

Reflective Space – The opportunity to engage with other to develop your critical reflective skills for effective practice, improved perspective, explore the psychological impact of your work and case discussions and formulation.  You will be led to improve your accountability and increase your confidence both personally and professionally.

Vision and Growth – You will explore your current and future personal and professional position and desires. Also, you will work on developing your resilience, assertiveness and advocacy skills

Goals and Planning – Learn how to set realistic goals, plan how to achieve them & navigate through the obstacles along the way. Also build a network amongst your peers to support your positive change and acquire new opportunities.

Evaluation Review your plan and evaluate your achievements/challenges. Also feel empowered to set the next steps in your journey.