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Transforming service delivery

and practice within the

health and social care field. 


Chayse Your Change Consultancy is a change agent dedicated to providing services to individuals, groups and organisations within the health and social care field. We deliver our services to those in arenas, such as social work, mental health, prison and probation, children and adult residential settings and third sector services.

We are a vibrant visionary of personal and professional leadership and development; employing strategies and delivering training that creates and sustains change, improves performance and enhances the users experience of health and social care services.


Chayse Your Change is a team of expert consultants, each with theoretical and practical skills, knowledge and experience within their field. We offer a range of individualised and tailored packages that are time-limited, short-term or long-term and contractual or bespoke.

We are adept in leadership and service delivery. Our purpose is to nurture healthy workplaces and organisations and lead our clients through a journey of revolutionary change, that results in high quality transformation of service delivery and practice.

Our approach is aligned with the ethos of health and social care services, whereby the user is at the centre of the work that we do. Our client’s goals, objectives and values are at the forefront of what we do.

Chayse Your Change Consultancy provides first-class professional and independent services alongside expert advice and training. Our services are independent, discreet and confidential.

We pride ourselves on expertise in a range of fields, these include social work practice and education, adult and youth offending, mental health and personality disorder, dialectical behavioural therapy skills training, case formulation and trauma-informed and psychologically-informed practice.



We keep it very simple at Chayse Your Change.  

Our service is a structured and stepped approach. We provide expert consultation, mentoring and coaching alongside training and workshops to manage and overturn the challenges within the health and social care field. Our experience and expertise as well as our cultural competence and psychologically informed perspective really drives our services. The psychological impact of the helping field is always kept in mind.

An initial consultation and consultant matching process is at the core of what we do. Our client is allocated a consultant that has expertise in their area and will remain with them throughout their journey. A consultant will assess the positive social change required and offer solution-focused guidance to implement and sustain it.

This then leads into Mentoring and Coaching, which is a process that underpins the success of the work we do. We are firm believers that dedicating time to develop a trusting relationship creates a plethora of opportunities and a safe space to excel from.  Each consultant will engage in developing a relationship with their client that instils confidence and promotes collaborative working. We operate from a non-judgmental stance that is open, honest and committed to transparency and results.

The consultant will coach and mentor their client as they travel through their journey of change which is underpinned by the independent and objective piece of work we carry out. So not only do we consult and provide you with effective and achievable strategies to implement change, but we also provide training to further enhance the transformation.

All services offered by Chayse Your Change take place from the comfort of your home or office both in person (dependent on location) or online.


The field of health and social care is renowned for being rewarding yet it is often acknowledged that the systems and structures are challenging and complex. So much so, that the impact on the workforce can result in high staff turnover, low morale, resistance to change and increased sickness and conflict.

These complexities can affect the users of services and determine how efficient and effective a service is delivered; the users experience of it and the outcomes. These difficulties may present as missed targets, reduced or withdrawn funding, poor outcomes or users having repeated access to services. Other times the expertise, skills and knowledge for service delivery may be compromised or outdated. 

This is where Chayse Your Change comes in.  We understand the personal and professional challenges those in the social care and health care services may experience. We want to support the transformation of services and practise in the field and encourage better outcomes for all.